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My Story

After graduating as a normal broke college kid, I entered “the real world.” Mortgage, car payments, debt, you name it. Lucky for me, I married the girl of my dreams, and had 3 beautiful kids (very quickly!).

As soon as the kids came along, my wife quit her corporate job, and my work days started getting longer… I saw less of my kids and more of my boss! Not a good equation!

After discovering Financial Independence, my life took a radical turn. My wife and I discovered how to make money blogging, and we poured into this new hobby late at night, building a real business!

Fast forward a few years, and I became a millionaire just after my 30th birthday, and am on track to be financially independent before age 32. I started Nine to fi to document my journey out of the rat race. So glad you found it!

My Values & Beliefs

Money does not equal wealth

Staring at your stocks on a screen can be addicting, but don’t mistake your net worth with your life’s purpose. Family, friends, and fulfillment are what truly matters in this world. Money is just the vessel to get there.

Simplicity wins

Whole life insurance policies. Derivatives trading. Nutrition facts on Cheetos. What do they have in common? They are insanely complicated, and not very good for you! I value simplicity in my strategies, which allows me to focus on the right things.

Frugality is not enough

I am a frugal guy myself, but I thought that my corporate job would be enough to get me to financial independence. It wasn’t. As soon as I started my favorite side hustle with my wife, our net worth grew by over $1,000 per day, and we had a blast at the same time!

My Approach

I’ve developed my game plan over the last 7 years to achieve financial independence very early.

It focuses on simplicity, action, and discipline. Each one of these words is uncomfortable to most people. But that’s what makes it effective.

I believe in index funds, side hustles, and strong family priorities as cornerstones to a successful financial future.

And I outlined my entire approach in my book, “Roadmap.”

After destroying my debt and building my income, I realized that I had a story worth sharing. And so Nine to fi was born.

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