After a long day of work, taking care of kids, and dealing with all life decided to throw at you, the only thing you want to do is kick back and zone out.


After all, you’ve earned it, right? You made the sacrifices needed to get through, and you are providing the stability that your family needs to not have a worry in the world.


I feel that way too some days.


And today is one of those days. The Mrs. is mid-way through a week long conference across the country, and I am getting a nice dose of reality of stay-at-home dad life.


Who boy, it makes you re-think quitting corporate! Just kidding, but it certainly creates a new sense of appreciation for the work that your wife goes through to keep the home working like a smooth oiled machine.


But when life gets tough, you need to be tougher


Not every day is going to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to stop showing up.


You have bad days at work, but that doesn’t mean you just arbitrarily quit. You reflect on what happened. Look to see if it was within your control. If it was, make the adjustments you need to have a better day tomorrow. If not, shrug it off, lift some heavy weights to relieve stress, and move on with life.


Similarly, when you’re not feeling motivated to hit publish on that day, reflect back on why you decided to get into the side hustle gig in the first place.


Remember your big ‘WHY,’ and allow yourself to produce imperfect content.


Everyone lets Great be the enemy of Good. The beauty is, Good gets Better. But only if you exercise it. If you allow yourself to continue to push even when you don’t want to.


While the content you produce isn’t going to be gangbusters every time, your inner strength needs that consistency. When your mind realizes it can simply put up some resistance and it can completely derail your goal, guess what – that’s what it’s going to do.


You need to show your lazy mind that your willpower is present, and it doesn’t mess around.


And if you are working through a 100 day challenge, remember that great feeling that awaits when you complete that task.


Your chain of success gets one more X.


Your blog or Youtube channel gets one more piece of content.


You take one more step towards your ultimate goal.


They may be ugly steps. Steps that you hope don’t get judged too hard.


But you must take those steps anyway.


If your heart is in the right place, action will always trump inaction.


Keep your ears open and always be learning from your choices, but realize that you are always choosing.


Whether you publish or not, you are making the choice, no one else.


Whenever the resistance creeps up on me and tries to keep me from my goal, it helps to reflect on the impact these actions have on my children.


My daughter knows when I go upstairs to the home office, I’m going to work. Even though she is only 3 right now, she knows that I am making the choice to spend my time up there, and not downstairs with her. She knows that what I am doing is important.


How dare I spend that time doing anything other than working my hardest to complete the task.


Slacking off – reading articles you have no reason to be reading… it is an absolute crime if you are robbing that time from those who are dearest to you.


Our vocation as men is to live by example to raise the children that are entrusted in our care. Every action we do – at the office or at home, should continue to set the bar higher.


Don’t ease up on yourself or say “Take it easy.”


There is enough of that in the world today. Enough people who are complacent and unwilling to push their situation further.


The goal of this blog and these thoughts is to help motivate you to not become one of these. And if you are one currently, to help you find the fire to elevate your position.


We have a job to do. Let’s get it done.


How do you deal with the resistance when it rears its ugly head? Post in the comments below!