The Secret Asset Allocation Strategy for Early Retirees

Who's ready to talk asset allocation!? This is going to be a fun one, because it's going to challenge you to think a little differently than you've been hard wired for up until now.When you think Asset

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Frugality in Phases

Frugality is a bit of a dogma in the personal finance community. And with good reason. You will never achieve financial independence if you are not able to implement some systematic frugality in your life.

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What is the formula for financial independence?

Almost daily I’ll strike up a conversation about money with a random stranger – whether in an elevator, at a bar, or at the gym. Whenever I get this rare opportunity to do market research,

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How to become a Money Genius WITHOUT Spending a ton of money on Education

These days it seems like you can’t turn a corner without tripping over a few personal finance blogs along the way. Personal finance blogs are extremely popular, and continue to

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The Negative side of an abundance mindset

In recent posts I’ve talked about the benefits of having an abundance mindset in everything you do. But did you know that there are some serious side effects of an abundance mindset? I didn’t

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Best Options Trading Platform in 2018

Whether you are a new investor or a seasoned pro, it’s important to stay current on the rapidly changing landscape of online brokers. Every year, new contenders enter the landscape of online investment

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Seeking Excellence through the Pain

We all have excellence in us. From the leaders of countries, to the man in the unemployment line. Excellence is there. So what sets these two apart? Why is it that some seem to have Fortune smile down

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Allowing yourself to simplify

This is one of those selfish posts. What I am about to write should speak directly to you, because I am saying it directly to me. When you start with nothing, in order to get to the next level, you need

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7 Easy Steps to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome as a Busy Side Hustler

You work 10 hours a day. Commute for another hour. Maybe 1 hour at the gym. 3 hours with your family. Sleep 6 hours. That leaves a grand total of a maximum of 3 hours not accounted for per day for you

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The Beauty of Imperfect Action

After a long day of work, taking care of kids, and dealing with all life decided to throw at you, the only thing you want to do is kick back and zone out.   After all, you’ve earned it, right?

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Broke College Kid to 30 Year Old Millionaire

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