Being a Dad is incredibly hard.


Building a business while excelling at a corporate career is incredibly hard.


Trying to do both without compromising either?


Nearly Impossible.


Notice the nearly. It can be done, and I’m doing it.


It’s no cake walk. I want to call it quits at times.


But I remember my Big Why, and it keeps me going.


And if you are even thinking about embarking on this journey, be prepared. It’s going to take grit.


Grit like not many people are used to having in America.


Grit of a bootstrapper. Grit of someone who is living for more than himself.


Not sure if you’ve got what it takes to succeed? Just remember that we all have our reasons why we can succeed.


Here are a few of my own:

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Reason #1: You’ve Got Big Goals, And Small Time

Ask most guys, and they’ve got dreams.


Fancy cars, nice watches, big mansions.


With no plan on how to achieve them. No hustle to their name to push their comfort zone and realiize their dreams.


What do you have that they don’t? You don’t just have dreams. You have Goals, and are actively putting your head down each day and night working towards those goals.


But what good is having goals, when you’ve got no time to work on them?


I find myself continually complaining about how I simply have zero time for my hustle. Between a 10-12 shift, spending time with my three children under 3 years old, and loving my wife, the days speed past in a blur.


It seems that there is barely enough time to grab a beer once the last kid goes to bed, and there is simply no willpower left to flow into a passion project.


But that is just the distraction of THIS chapter of life.


There are always reasons to not work on your business.


When you are in college, you’re distracted with girls and parties.


When you first start your career, you are distracted by the allure of being the next big executive, working long into the night to get that pat on the back or the 10% raise that year.


Each distraction is powerful. But if you are serious about your project, you will find a way to work through the distractions.


The only thing holding you back in this chapter is simply not having enough time. But there is a silver lining:


When you have children, you are able to become laser focused in the few minutes you have to work, and you can get wildly productive.


Now is the perfect time to hone your craft of productivity. Check out my 5 essential tips for side hustlers.

Reason #2: You’re Not Just Doing It For Yourself


I’m not just side hustling because I’m tired of working for the man. Not because I’m unemployable, as I’ve heard in many posts.


In fact, I enjoy my job. I’m GOOD at my job. I have a future at my job.


Most people start hustling because they want more for themselves. Which is not inherently wrong, but there is a bit of selfishness in that desire.


We are different. We want more out of this life. But not just for ourselves. We have made a huge sacrifice to bring children into this world. And we continue to wake up and sacrifice for them every day.


Staying up until 1am every morning working on our hustle is just another sacrifice to add to that list.


We are working on our labor of love, for the purpose of love.


We are working so that our children can see more of their dads.


So our daughters can have a first hand example of how they deserve to be treated as young women.


So our sons can see their father work hard to earn a living for them, but to do it on their own terms, to build something from the ground up.


To design his life, not to become victim by it.


And most of all, so our wives can have a partner not just for the couple of hours before bed each evening, but to have us by their sides, sharing in the daily struggles and victories, while being able to bring spontaneity and flexibility back into our schedules and return to an adventurous time of life.


You’ve just heard my Big Why. That blog post you’re working on is more than just words on a page. It’s an important building block on the future of your family’s dreams. And it’s worth fighting for.

Reason #3: You Aren’t Going to Get it Right On The First Try


In business and in life, you get better each day you show up and put in the effort.


You’re a different parent for your first, second, and third child.


Each time you grow more poised. More controlled.


Don’t get me wrong, there is always chaos lurking underneath the surface. But you know what to do. You can discern the difference between a cry and a whine, and you know what to do for each.


It’s the same with your side hustle. You’re GOING to make mistakes when you first start out.


You’re going to procrastinate on those blog posts. Trying to get them PERFECT. Trying to line the images up just right in the center.


Obsessing over the colors of your site, or the layout… or some other inconsequential aspect of it.


It’s all a coping mechanism that helps you justify not hitting publish. Not putting your content out there. Not taking the risk.


But each time you hit that publish button, it gets a little easier. You realize it’s not the end of the world. That if you get called out for an error, it’s only seconds before it’s edited away.


Forget getting it right on the first try. It’s just not going to happen, and that should be a liberating feeling.


Instead, focus on momentum.


You’re going to publish imperfect content. There may be some grammar errors. You might be able to edit some of it out if you spent three more days on it.


OR you could publish three more articles in that same time.


Which do you choose?


Especially in the beginning, your content (whether writing, spoken word, or video) is mainly for you. For practice. Don’t expect your first post to go viral.


So instead of trying to edit it down to perfection, just get your repetitions in.


Did you get your toddler to sleep perfectly every night? Heck no.


But you also didn’t reverse the clock and edit that harsh tone that you thought would work at the time. You worked through the night, as imperfect as it was. And you learned from it and made the necessary course corrections the next night.


Stop seeking perfection. Seek consistency and continuous improvement.


You will never be perfect, but every day you can be better.


To help you build momentum and stay consistent with your effort, I’ve put together a custom productivity tracker that works perfectly for me – give it a try.

Reason #4: You Seek Excellence From Your Kids, Why Not From Yourself?


Every day we set an example of what our children should strive for. Consciously or subconsciously, intentionally or not, they see everything we do.


Now if that thought leaves you feeling guilty or depressed inside – consider this a calling.


I’m not saying that every moment of every day we need to be working on either our day job or our hustle. Far from it.


What I’m saying is that every moment of every day we should be seeking to be doing the most important thing for our family at that exact moment.


So if you’re at your day job, you should be doing your absolute best job possible, because that’s what you want you kids to be doing at school.


If you’re home with the kids, your phone should be off and your attention should be laser focused on your children and your wife, because they deserve your time more than anything else you could be doing with it.


And if they are asleep and you have relaxed with your spouse, you should be using that time to build the life that you want for your family’s future.


If you feel that your day job absolutely fulfills your life and you simply don’t want more, then that’s fine.


But if you have that ember burning deep down that you want more for you and your family – don’t settle for a “good day’s work.”


Seek excellence every day.

Reason #5: You Don’t Just Want to Punch The Clock, You Want to Create Value


Unfortunately, I see this so often. Those that are just there to collect a paycheck.


Zero initiative, zero passion, simply passing time until they clock out and start to live.


It’s not always their fault. Often times poor leadership will sap any remaining passion out of their employees, leaving nothing left but “yes” men.


There was a time where I let my own passion spiral downward.


Miss-managed, overworked, and feeling stuck. I started losing my normal fire at work, and began feeling like a cog in the wheel.


But then I discovered online business. And the fire spread.


Maybe it was too late to truly create a difference at my day job.


Maybe that part of my life would be sentenced to spreadsheet and meeting doldrums.


But I could sit in those meetings with a smile on my face, because I was able to think of the millions of potential post ideas and video courses I could create that could create true change.


No more would my game changing ideas be denied simply due to the bravado of an executive.


I could implement, test, adjust, and improve my own destiny, my own life, and my own future.


When you start questioning if you are creating value with what you are doing every day, it may be time to look for a way out.


We are made for more than warming seats and complying mindlessly.


We have greatness in us, but it can’t emerge without taking risks and pushing our comfort zones.


Work in the fringe hours. Say no opportunities so you can invest in your business. And know that your future will thank you. Your family will thank you.


So develop the grit you need to succeed. It is so worth it.