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Hi I’m Jack

I help professional millennials build amazing careers, investment portfolios, and escape plans from corporate America.


Welcome to Nine to FI

Here’s what we are going to learn together!

Personal Finance

Everything from Tax Optimization, Active and Passive Investing Strategies, even a bit of Options Trading will live here


Productivity and Earnings Strategies

Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, the homeless man in the street, and you and me. We all have 24 hours in the day. We owe it to ourselves to learn how to make the most of it.

Financial Independence

If you want to achieve great things, you need to visualize great things. I invite you to help me visualize the journey my family of 5 will be going on in the next 5 years after we claim Financial Independence!


I don’t believe our goal in the FI-RE community should be “Early Retirement.” I believe each one of us has a gift, a purpose, and a passion to follow.


I am on the path to creating a life of purpose, open-ended adventure, and relentless pursuit of passionate ideas. Sipping mojitos on the beach isn’t the goal. Instilling a love of life and work into my beautiful children is a goal worth pursing.


On this blog, you’ll learn all about the many successes and failures I have had as I create side hustles to prepare for the leap out of corporate.

Fatherhood and Finances

College. Car payments. Diapers! At every stage of fatherhood, there are always new challenges when it comes to the dream of Financial Independence.


Sometimes it takes a change of mind and perspective to overcome these challenges, but I guarantee you it is possible. And I’ll show you how I’ve done it!


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July 2018 Update

Hello everyone! So one of the coolest things about the personal finance space is that you will find incredible people willing to be open with their finances, and will share their numbers on their blogs. People like 1500 days, Fiery Millenial, and others have inspired...

Frugality in Phases

Frugality is a bit of a dogma in the personal finance community. And with good reason. You will never achieve financial independence if you are not able to implement some systematic frugality in your life. But there is a part of the equation that I think the community...

What is the formula for financial independence?

Almost daily I'll strike up a conversation about money with a random stranger - whether in an elevator, at a bar, or at the gym. Whenever I get this rare opportunity to do market research, I always prefer to listen more than I speak. For one, people generally seem to...