If you are looking for your way out of the rat race and into a life of freedom, then ROADMAP is for you!
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ROADMAP is about...


Because even the best financial plan will fail with the right mindset


Debt? Investing? Productivity? Learn the tactics that brought me financial freedom


Start a business you are passionate about - I'll show you how
Hi, I'm John
After graduating college, I married the girl of my dreams and started my life in corporate America. Life was good and I was "living the dream" - mortgage, debt, car payments, kids...

I realized that I was spending my entire life in a cubicle just to buy stuff that we didn't need.

Things to occupy my kids while I was away for 10-12 hours per day...

I decided to chart a new path - to find a way off the hamster wheel.

Charting the Course
I poured over information - investing, personal finance, online entrepreneurship... and I made a plan, and executed.

Pretty soon, my wife and I had found a working formula, and we began growing our net worth at $1,000 per day.

And I did this all while maintaining the security of my corporate job, taking no additional risk for my beautiful family.

And I got results
Becoming Debt Free
As I implemented the strategies I teach in ROADMAP, I became completely debt free. No mortgage, no car payments, no stress about money.

I realized that financial independence was not only possible...

I became so empowered with what I had learned and implemented, that I needed to share it with as many people as possible.

And so ROADMAP was born.

With ROADMAP, you'll learn

This isn't some fluffy self-help book. Or a dry investing tome. ROADMAP draws out the exact plan I've executed to become a millionaire at age 30. And how you can do it too...

Abundance / Scarcity

Life is not all about pinching pennies - Learn how to optimize your mindset and your choices

Become a Scientist

Experiment, learn, improve. Learn how to implement the scientific method to your money

Your Family Business

Like a business, your family has 5 important metrics to track profitability and health

6 Stages to Freedom

From financial ruin to freedom, learn how to conquer the steps to FI

Your Passion Project

Your day job might increase 5% per year, but your own business can double every month.

My 2 Million Dollar Side Hustles

These two businesses are focused around your strengths and passions. Forget retirement and enjoy freedom in entrepreneurship!

Learn from my Mistakes

I spent years figuring out how to build real wealth while still young.

I tried (and failed) at everything:

Picking Stocks

I thought I could be the next Warren Buffett... no way

Trading Derivatives

Options, Forex... I knew I could outsmart the market if I just found the right strategy... I learned the hard way

Get Rich Quick Schemes...

It's hard to know what you can trust anymore online. I bought my fair share of $1,000 courses trying to figure out what would work for my family...

A Good Plan + Massive Action

A plan on its own is worthless. You need to take action to achieve your goal.

Which is why I'm including....

Bonus #1: The ROADMAP Toolkit

Complete Companion to ROADMAP

Financial dashboards to track your progress

Calculate your freedom numbers

Productivity tools to optimize your day


Checklists to keep you on focused

Guides to help you pick your side hustle


Worksheets to structure your plan

Accountability to take action

And much, much more...


Bonus #2: 73 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Only limited by your creativity...

73 side hustles you can start from home

Or businesses you can start for tomorrow

Businesses that can serve the world

Services you can provide today


Ideas for your local community

Ready for you to take action

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