Welcome to the Toolbox

Here at Nine to FI, I try to take a very open approach towards achieving the goal of Financial Independence. If you spend a bit of time on the internet looking at other blogs, you might notice that people can be a bit… dogmatic around the topic.

Only 1 Index fund allowed.

Only 1 Investment brand.

Only 1 Credit card… etc etc.


I believe there are many paths to get to the same destination.


Sure, some may be slightly faster or slightly simpler. But one thing is clear: the journey to FI is a very personal one, and you need to find the path that is right for you.


There will be challenges along the way… big ones. Your toolset needs to be tailored to your own specific needs for you to stick with it and be successful.


Below are my recommendations for each category of my journey to FI. I hope you find them useful!



Earn More

Earn more, spend less, invest the rest. It all starts with earning the first dollar. Here are some resources I recommend to help you earn more at your day job, as well as start a profitable side hustle!

Build a home on the internet

Starting a business today has never been easier. Say goodbye to bank loans, to renting office spaces, to hiring employees, to trading time for dollars. By starting your own website and blog, you are able to monetize your passion in a variety of ways! But it all starts with your own property on the internet. SiteGround is the only website hosting company that I know, like, and trust with my site. We have dozens of websites published using them, and have experienced 100% uptime in the past year! Can’t get better than that!

Grow your presence with a professional blog

Once you have your home on the internet, it’s time to set up your first blog! This is where you will be able to discuss your passions, interests, or things you just want to learn more about. As you grow in your blog, your audience, and your experience, you will learn how to monetize through advertisements, affiliate marketing, product creation, or other partnerships!

Literally everything else ūüôā

Once you have your blog set up, you’ll want to start collecting email addresses so that you can nurture a real relationship with your audience. And eventually, they will tell you the problems that you are perfectly aligned to solve.

Until recently, you would need a separate email tool, a separate shopping cart, a separate membership tool, a separate video hosting service (you get the point) to actually serve your audience. 

Kartra takes the place of about a dozen other tools I’m familiar with using, and greatly simplifies the process of serving your audience!

Invest Smarter

I see the same investment advice passed out unilaterally across the internet as the “only” way to really make money in the stock market.

And the fact is, it’s just not true! Whether you choose passive “index” investing, or a more active approach (or a combination!) there are always more ways of growing your wealth!¬†

It comes down to personal preference, skills, and passion. I happen to take a keen interest in the market, so I have strategically placed more tools in my tool belt than a single index fund or two.

What gets measured, gets managed...

Before you can start thinking about growing your money, you need to understand exactly what money you have! This is where Personal Capital comes in.

It brings all your accounts together and gives you a full picture of where you are, and if you’re on track for your financial future. Read the full review here!

Remove the limits from your investing

Confession time: I’m not 100% passive in my investing…

Time will tell if this is a fool’s errand or if there truly is hope for active investing in the marketplace today.

If you are also a little curious about taking an active position in your financial future, check out Tastyworks. They allow you to trade stocks, options, futures, and more, and have an incredible amount of research and analytical tools available. Read my full review here!

For those that want 100% hands off investing

The idea of “robo-advisors” handling my investments has always been alluring to me. I’ve tested a few different robo advisors in the past, but the only one I recommend is Betterment. Read my full review here!

Becoming Better

There is so much more to life than simply making money and investing it. Here are a couple of random resources I recommend anyone try if they want to level up in other areas of their life.



The One Thing, by Gary Keller will help you figure out what your true goal, focus, and direction should be at every stage of life. I buy this book as a gift to everyone I meet!



Dual Momentum Investing¬†explores a different form of investing altogether: “Momentum investing.” I don’t currently implement this strategy as I am diving deeper into options, but this is an interesting read for anyone who wants to peel back the blinders from the myopic views around investing that are so common today.