This is one of those selfish posts. What I am about to write should speak directly to you, because I am saying it directly to me.

When you start with nothing, in order to get to the next level, you need to begin to add to your life. You have to say yes to opportunities that come up. Any opportunity could be the one that sets the course for your future.

Coming out of college, you say yes to the best job offer you have. As you are cutting your teeth in corporate America, you say yes to the hardest projects, the longest hours, and the toughest mentors.

You force yourself to grow, to build, and to invest in yourself.

Then time passes…

And with each year, more gets stacked on the back.

Add in a wife, 3 kids, a business… you start to feel a little full.

Full of joy because your life has never been so satisfying. But equally scared because you start to fear your ability to keep it all straight. To manage everything you’ve said yes to.

You reach the point when it is time to start saying no, and looking for any way possible to simplify.

How do you start to unwind the complexity that you have created for yourself? Here are some tips…

Simplify the easiest things first

There are some things in life that we make complex for no real reason…

  • complicated investment strategies
  • complicated systems and processes

Oftentimes we complicate the things that we are passionate about. We get so in the weeds with our hobbies and passions that if we are not careful, we can create a monster that becomes unmanageable over time.

I’ve done this with my investments. Due to my passion, I’ve taken the simple and made it complex … very complex.

Luckily, the path to simplify is an easy one. Click to sell, and click again to buy into a simple investment vehicle.

Seek out the anxiety

There are all things in our lives that create anxiety. The natural human tendency is to avoid thinking deeply about these anxieties at all costs.

You’ve got to find a way to overcome that tendency. You need to list out the things that are causing that anxiety in your life. Find the one that is most painful to you, and look for a way to simplify that problem out of existence.

Whether it be your job, your finances, your relationships. Find the one thing that is giving you the most anxiety, and focus on that one area for the next 30 days.

Make a plan on how you can systematically reduce the stress, and you can significantly improve your stress levels around that topic. You’ll feel a quick win, and will have the energy to focus on the next most anxious item on your list.

As you make progress, you will stand taller. You will walk lighter.

We got to this point in life by gritting and bearing the increased levels of stress and responsibility. But it has weighed us down. Allow yourself to breathe by taking the weight off your shoulders.

I don’t mean to stop working. I simply suggest you allow yourself to focus on the most important things by letting everything else go.

And as you do this, you can find exponential growth in what remains.