Family-Focused Financial Independence

Still punching the time clock?

It’s OK. So am I. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re providing stability for your family.

Stability. Security. All very safe words.

And safe is… nice. But it’s not always exciting.

And stability and security can become routine. Mundane. Commonplace. Boring.

And boring is never exciting.

But sometimes, boring is a necessary stepping stone to excitement, freedom, independence.

And even financial independence. When working becomes an act of enjoyment and passion. Not one of survival for a paycheck. We should never consider it “retirement.” It is simply us evolving our purpose on earth. To live life on our terms.

We are in the rite of passage. We have an end goal in mind. We aren’t there yet. But we are willing to put in the hard work consistently to make it happen.

And I’m going to help you there. Hi, I’m Jack 🙂

I’m a father, husband, engineer, trader, and night time entrepreneur.

Since I first started earning money, I had always had a disciplined practice to save a portion of what I earned.

It was never systematic. And I could never put into words why I was doing it.

I just liked the way the stability felt. That if I ever did need to buy something, I wouldn’t have to scramble for it.

Over time, I started learning about what to do with this money. And so I read.

I devoured every book about investing I could get my hands on.

Index Investing. Stock Picking. Value Investing. Growth Investing. Swing Trading. Day Trading. Momentum Trading. Peer to Peer Lending. Options Trading. Futures.

Anything I could get my hands on.

Over the years of testing, I came to develop my own strategies that I implement. And I look forward to sharing them with you here.

I got so much enjoyment in sharing my investing journey that I created a youtube channel called “Option Engineer.” It was great connecting with other professionals about complex but fun investing strategies.


But I realized a mistake early on.


Options is just a tool. A single tool in what should be a broad arsenal.


Trust me, I love hammers. I love them to death. I’m the first one to volunteer when there are nails that need to be taught a lesson.


But it’s not the best tool at chopping down trees. Although I guess it could be done… 🙂


Point being is that I want to help my family and yours achieve Financial Independence. And options are part of that journey, but not the entire journey.


Leave a comment below about your own journey to independence - where are you now, and where do you want to go with it?


I look forward to learning with all of you!




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