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FI Calculators

4% Rule for Entrepreneurs

The 4% rule is considered a gold standard in the FIRE community on when you can feel confident to retire early. But what is shocking is how quickly you can accelerate the FI journey when you have a small side hustle providing income in retirement. Use this calculator to show how starting a side hustle can speed up your FIRE journey! From my post on the 4% Rule.

Emergency Fund Calculator

Are you still working on creating your emergency fund? No worries! Grab this quick calculator to show how easy and quickly you can achieve your savings goal if you put some diligent focus on it for little while! From my post on how to supercharge your savings rate

Cheat Sheets & Ebooks

How I went from broke college kid to 30 year old Millionaire ebook

Every day I talk to people who just can’t seem to save any money at the end of the month. And while I can totally relate to how tough life can be (with my 3 hungry and adorable children!), I simply don’t understand how people can’t design a sustainable lifestyle.

This ebook puts out 10 quick mindset hacks and lessons I learned on my path to being a middle-class millionaire by 30.

Free Courses

Facebook Ads Foundations

While I love index funds as much as the next guy, I learned over time that simply relying on your paycheck and a high savings rate isn’t the optimal way to reach FI. When you add on a fun and profitable side business, you unlock a ton of potential in earnings power, fun, purpose, and tax advantages!

In fact, my wife and I started a side business a few years ago which sped up our growth exponentially, and a key part of the business was learning to drive traffic using Facebook Ads. In this free mini course, I introduce this business model and how you might use it jump start your freedom as well!